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Winter 2016 

Satara Stephens
How Our Family Changed the Day My Son Was Diagnosed with Cancer 
The gentleman on the phone said, “Is this Jonah’s mom? This is Dr. E from the clinic. I am calling because we got Jonah’s blood work back. You need to get up and take him to CHEO immediately. And I want you to remember the word platelets. Now repeat it.” I repeated the word. “Good. His platelets are at 13; one, three. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but Jonah needs to go to the hospital right now, do you understand?” I said that I did and he said, “Go now” and hung up.  Learn more »

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Abigail RichardPOGO Research Education Days Spur on Successive Generations of Researchers
POGO’s 2016 Research Education Day provides students and young professionals with the opportunity to gain practical skills and advice to build a research career in pediatric oncology. Learn more »

POGO AtlasPOGO Atlas Documents Trends & Patterns of Childhood Cancer 
In 2015, POGO published the first-ever Atlas of Childhood Cancer in Ontario, based on POGO's enduring collection of excellent, standardized data, over a 20-year period. Ontario's healthcare system is producing excellent results.
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Medical RoboticsThe Role of Medical Robotics in Pediatric Surgery
Medical robotics is playing an increasing role in the field of pediatric oncology. Within the next ten years, we could see semi-autonomous robots assisting in complicated surgeries, accessing areas that surgeons have difficulty reaching. Dr. James Drake gives us a preview of this exciting new field in the latest Straight Talk, POGO’s new series of video shorts featuring the insights of experts whose leading-edge work impacts the care, treatment and quality of life of childhood cancer patients, survivors and their families.
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Echoage logoRaising Fun and Raising Funds for POGO
From start to finish, ECHOage makes party planning easy. Guests contribute online instead of bringing presents to the party. Half of the money goes to POGO and half toward the gifts your child wants.Guests receive tax receipts for the value of the donation to POGO. Now that’s a win-win! Start your party planning now. Learn more »

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