Accessibility Services - What You Need to Know

Accessing the resources you need at your school

All colleges and universities have accessibility services (sometimes called disability services) that help provide accommodations for students with different types of challenges. These can include, but are not limited to, learning disabilities; brain injury; vision and hearing difficulties; and mobility, psychological and medical issues.  In order to access the services, students must register with the department providing these services and provide supporting documentation.  

What types of accommodations might be available?  

  • Quiet space for exams and extra exam time
  • Access to specialized adaptive technology and alternative format textbooks
  • Tutoring
  • Note-taking assistance, permission to tape record lectures
  • Counselling
  • Access to learning strategists
  • Use of a sign-language interpreter
  • Access to an assistant in a laboratory setting

How do I get the services I need?

  • Take a look online to learn about the services available at your school/the school(s) you are interested in. Or stop by the Accessibility/Disability Services office. 
  • Once you have accepted your school’s offer of admission (and any time after that), you can make an appointment to speak with a counsellor/case manager about your unique situation. They will want to see any documentation you have about your specific situation. This may include a neuro-psych report or an assessment from the hospital where you were treated.All information that you provide to them will be kept confidential unless you give permission for it to be shared. This means that even your teachers don’t need to know about your specific needs or the accommodations that you receive unless you give your permission.  

Contact your local SAVTI Counsellor if you would like to discuss your academic and accommodation needs. SAVTI counsellors can help you every step of the way as you navigate your way through the process of getting your academic needs met in college or university.



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