New Beginnings at Work

The most helpful websites for helping you find work.

Whether you’re looking to apply for your first job out of school or are thinking about finding a new one, there are websites to help you find the right job postings for you. How good these websites are can change over time. Here are some sites to visit.

 The Job Bank ( is a database maintained by the Canadian government that is used by many Employers to advertise jobs. It is fairly easy to search and customize to your goals. searches multiple local sites for job opportunities and posts them on the web. Some employers also post directly on their site. It is easy to use and includes most major employers.

 Does your professional association have a website with job postings? Does your college or university have external employer postings for graduates? Are you targeting a particular employment sector? Is there an associated website? For example, many not-for-profit jobs are listed on Ontario public sector jobs can be found on

Do you wish to work at a particular company?  Find their website and post your resume on the “Careers” section.

Whatever you decide, check often for employment updates.  


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