Creative Corner - Fall 2015

A poem by "B's" mom

This month Creative Corner features a heartfelt poem from “B’s” mom. We welcome your submissions to Creative Corner.  If you have a poem, short story or drawing you’d like to share, please contact your SAVTI Counsellor.

A horror has touched me, deep in my soul,

But I cannot cry, I can't lose control,

For she's looking to me with trust in her eyes,

Her face full of questions, I won't tell her lies.

My hands begin shaking, I wonder what's yet to come,

My stomach is churning, and my mind has gone numb,

For there is tumor, down deep in her brain,

And I know in my heart, life just won't be the same.

Well, God, It's me again, (for the tenth time today),

It's just 8 a.m., and she's on her way,

To start on this journey, down this path she must go,

I know you're there with her, so she's not alone.

The surgeon is ready, so please guide his hand,

The doctors and nurses, they all understand,

Our fear, and our anguish, and even our pain,

They won't rest until she's in our arms once again.

The surgery's over, and it seems like she's won,

But wait just a minute, there's been damage done.

The tumor's benign, but it has left its mark,

And recovery won't be a walk in the park.

Her vision is double, pituitary stalk gone,

She'll have lots of challenges, she'll have to be strong.

As my arms go around her, we both start to cry,

Fear for her future, thankful she didn't die.

So Thanks, God, for CHEO, and for people who care,

When a burden is shared, it's easier to bear,

Daily medications will keep her alive,

Education and research, for this we will strive.

We're so very grateful that CHEO's so near,

For they are the reason B is still here.

Some dreams have been altered, and some dreams are gone,

But we will build new dreams, for life does go on.


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