2015 - 2016 Scholarship Recipients


Satnam J., CNIB Scholarship & Childhood Cancer Canada Scholarship

Writing my personal statement as part of the application process enabled me to share insights and feelings about my cancer journey.  It also helped me identify the strength I have developed as a result of it.  It’s amazing to win this scholarship, which recognizes my hard work and the support of my family throughout.  I am confident that I can reach my goals and this financial support will help me to get there.

My disability is a special ability, a uniqueness that is not a downfall but makes me stronger.  Don’t hold back!  I’m proof that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it and have a positive outlook on life.  Advocacy makes me stronger, and I have been met with positive and very supportive responses when talking to my professors about my abilities and my needs.

I hope to work for charitable organizations to share my knowledge about special abilities and advocate for others.

Brianna G., Childhood Cancer Canada Scholarship

I have chosen nursing as a career as a result of my childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Not only have I experienced the support of hospital nurses throughout my cancer journey, but having been actively involved with Camp Ooch over the past 10 years, I have seen nursing integrated into a non-traditional setting, allowing kids to be kids despite diagnosis.  

Receiving these scholarships will help relieve the financial burden of attending college and I feel recognized for the determination and hard work that has gotten me here.  I want to encourage other survivors to apply and take the time to share their story since it may also lead to winning a scholarship.  When I graduate nursing school, I am interested in working as a nurse at Camp Ooch or any other cancer camp, or with Doctors Without Borders.

Daniel D., Childhood Cancer Canada Scholarship

Daniel is a SAVTI client in Hamilton. Daniel is 19 years old and graduated in June from high school in Paris, Ontario. He received a scholarship from Childhood Cancer Canada to attend Mohawk College. He now lives in residence at Mohawk and is enrolled in the Career Pathways Program. In the future, Daniel wants to work as a private investigator.

Danielle S., Emmy Duff Scholarship

Danielle is studying nursing at Canadore College while continuing her steadfast personal tradition of volunteering and giving back to her communities. Danielle has done everything from planning multiple Relay for Life events, serving dinners at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen for 5 years, being a volunteer counsellor with Camp Trillium over the years, and participating in Goodwill Ambassador missions to name a few activities. Danielle has also received multiple community and school awards for her devotion to helping others. 


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