Accessibility Services

What's on Offer?

Every post-secondary institution in Ontario has an Accessibility Centre or Student Services Centre; they may have different names but provide similar services.  Why should you connect with these services?  

They are there to support your success at college or university. Not only are the services free, they can also connect you with available bursaries.

They are there to help if you hit a roadblock – that is their job!

They have all sorts of best practices, services and assistive technology which can make your academic goals at college or university easier to attain.

Student learning centres often partner with counselling, learning strategies, and accessible learning departments, offering a range of free workshops throughout each semester. Attending these workshops will provide suggestions and guidance on ways to practice the key skills that you’ve been hearing about throughout your education: time management, organization, note-taking, reading and studying. These strategies, and the opportunity to share with other students, will absolutely help your academic success.  

Here is an example of the workshops provided at Ottawa’s Algonquin College: Algonquin Study Skills Workshops. Even if you are a student who is not registered with an accessibility centre, there are workshops available to support you. Connect with Student Services to find out more.

Please contact your SAVTI counsellor if you are having trouble or have questions about connecting with any of these post-secondary services.


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