Searching for a summer job

Tips to help you maximize your employment prospects

1.      Assess your skills

When looking for a job, it is important to know what skills you currently have and which skills you would like to learn.  Below is a list of skills for you to consider.  Which skills can you offer to a potential employer?

  • interpersonal skills             o problem solving skills         o organization skills
  • time management skills     o writing skills                        o public speaking skills
  • customer service skills       o graphic design skills            o teamwork skills
  • money management skills  o computer skills                    o mathematical skills

2.      Create or update your resume

A well-crafted resume will encourage an employer to contact you for an interview.  If you submit several resumes and do not get a response from an employer, you may want to consider revising the content and/or format of your resume.  For assistance on how to compose a resume you can refer to the SAVTI Employment Handbook


Job Search Fact

You do not have to receive benefits from ODSP to access employment supports.







3.      Network

When looking for a job it is a great idea to tell EVERYONE you know that you are looking for work.  Each family member and friend in your network is a possible connection to a work opportunity.  Make a list of everyone you know and tell them that you are currently looking for a summer job.


Job Search Fact

In Ontario, minimum wage for workers over the age of 18, is $14/hour

For workers under the age of 18, minimum wage is $13.15/hour








4.      Track your applications

When looking for a job, it helps to be organized by keeping track of all of the places where you have applied.  Below is an example of a chart you can use to track your submitted applications.


Name of Organization


Name of Manager


Mon Feb 19 2018

Family Style Restaurant


Jane Smith

They need staff to work evenings and weekends

Wed Feb 21 2018

Marvin’s Movers

Office Clerk

Marvin Kent

Marvin said they will be hiring summer staff in April








5.      Get ready to interview

When you start applying for jobs, it is reasonable to expect that you will be invited to interview.  Preparing ahead of time can help you save time and calm any nervousness that you may have.  Three things you can do to prepare in advance of an interview are:

  • getting your interview outfit ready
  • contacting and securing your references
  • practice answering common interview questions

Job Search Fact

Employers can only ask for your social insurance number (SIN) when they formally offer an applicant a job.  Protect your SIN and do not list it on job applications.








If you would like support to find a summer job, please contact your SAVTI Counsellor who can help you develop a job search plan and connect you with helpful resources.


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