Scholarship Time


Completing the applications over a number of weeks can lead to big benefits over the long term. If you are awarded a scholarship, not only will you have extra funding to support your education, but you will also have another achievement to list on your resume.

Each scholarship application process is different and deadlines vary, but here are a few things to make sure you include in your application essay/letter:

  • How this money will be helpful (e.g., you will be able to focus on your studies versus working a part-time job)
  • Why you have chosen to study what you have applied for – and do include a description of your cancer journey if your experience with childhood cancer affected this decision
  • How appreciative you are to be considered and how proud you will be to be a recipient if you are successful

If you have any questions about your applications contact your SAVTI Counsellor!

Available Oncology, Volunteer, Disability and Program Specific Scholarships

“Whipper” Billy Watson Education Bursary

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (OSAP)

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program

Canadian Welding Association (CWA) Foundation 

Candlelighters - Carson Wagonlit Bursary — Eastern Ontario

ChildCan Bursary — London/Southwestern Ontario

Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation Survivor Scholarship

Dr. John Davis Burton Award — Ottawa Region Schools

Emmy Duff Scholarship Foundation

Hamilton Community Scholarships - Hamilton area only

Holly Bartlett Memorial Award

Justin Eves Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Lucas Prix Jocelyn-Demers Quebec Only 

Vale Shine Bright Bursary - Northern Ontario only

Osler Epilepsy Scholarship

Spiritual Warrior Scholarship — Waterloo Region only

National Bank of Canada 

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

Some additional scholarship search tools

Easter Seals Ontario Scholarships

Scholarships Canada



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