Baby Cuddling is a Thing!


Hi, my name is Navroop Sekhon and at age 4 I was diagnosed with a low grade glioma.  I am now 23 years old and a volunteer at the Brampton Civic Hospital.  My position title is Cuddler.  My main responsibility is cuddling babies who are unstable and not going to sleep.  I have several other responsibilities including restocking diapers, bottles, wipes, formula milk and syringes.  I also ensure that the blue carts with butterflies are stocked up with needles, alcohol swabs, specimen bullets and Q-tips.  I put blankets and burping towels in the rooms for the nurses and parents to use, fill the warmer with blankets as well, and fold washed clothes.  I also check if nurses need more baby name stickers and bands for parents.  Lastly, I put progress notes and doctor order sheets in each baby’s binder for doctors and nurses to use.

The reason I took the position of Cuddler is because I like babies and little kids.  In fact, I am the eldest in the family.  I have two younger siblings, one who is 4 years younger than me and one who is 5 years younger. Having younger siblings and younger cousins is how I learned to take care of little ones.  I found out that the hospital needed volunteer Cuddlers while I was volunteering in the respirology department at the hospital. After applying for a Cuddler position, I had to take a special training class at the hospital where we volunteers learned how to take care of the babies.

This year is my second year at the NICU (New Born Intensive Care Unit).  When there are no babies to cuddle, I answer phone calls.  This unit is a locked unit so only parents can come see their baby.  Volunteering at the hospital reminds me about my stay at SickKids, as a little kid.  Seeing babies go home with their family makes me feel so amazed and happy, as it reminds me of the first time I left SickKids. 


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