POGO's Survivor to Survivor (S2S) Network is up and running!

Be inspired by what survivors are saying and get involved!

The Survivor to Survivor (S2S) Network is an initiative of POGO’s SAVTI to address the experience of unemployment and isolation among some cancer survivors. The aim is to offer survivors opportunities in several domains including employment, skill acquisition, networking, information sharing, self-confidence building, group programming, and community-building. This will ideally lead to empowerment, increased knowledge, socializing, and subsequent employment. We are now in the eighth month of our pilot year with the delivery of seven workshops by four facilitators, under the guidance of a mentor and with support from SAVTI counsellors. All of our S2S Network staff are cancer or brain tumour survivors.

Here is what one of our facilitators has to say:

When I was first hired and given the honour of being a part of the Survivor to Survivor Network as a facilitator, I wasn't completely confident due to a lack of experience. After years of wanting to give back and help other survivors, I had to try and I'm glad I did!! It has taught me not to doubt my abilities and has reminded me to believe in myself!! It has been both educational and a confidence booster and overall an extremely meaningful experience for me!!

- J.W., 34-year-old brain tumour survivor

Here is what one of our audience members has to say:

The Survivor to Survivor Network has been a great way for me to communicate and interact with people who have similar lifetime stories to talk about. This Network is extremely beneficial for me in its ability to help me learn about myself and the tools that are available for me to succeed in life. I have been able to gain more confidence at work and in day-to-day activities from the advice that has been provided through the seminars.

And another:

We were able to discuss each other’s experiences as well as challenges; we were also able to discuss some solutions to these problems. It was also helpful to interact with other survivors and discuss.

If you are interested in finding out more, attending workshops, or applying for one of our facilitator positions, please stay tuned! Information will be available in the next couple of months through our SAVTI emails and on the S2S Network page on the POGO website.


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